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Looking to travel with fair-full time work


My name's Alice and I'm looking to travel with the renaissance fair and work there as a full time job. I have a ton of skills and though a majority are in entertainment, I would be willing to take any job available to travel with the fair.
I am an amazing singer, I can dance, I can sew, I have made my own costumes before out of anything from old t-shirts to duct tape. I am a fantastic artist and also have some skills in fortune telling. I'm great with people and always get along well with customers, have never had any problems. I also grew up in a very large family with 5 younger siblings and two adopted children so kids are no problem as well.
I can care for any animal you throw at me, from horses to wild fox, I've owned or worked with them all. I have also had experience with caring for an elephant a few years back temporarily.

I will be at the Minnesota renaissance festival this year, I'm hoping to find something by then.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to call or add me on facebook!
Phone- 763-497-5562
Facebook- Alice Anamnesis Ter'Kyr

Merlin the Elder:
Welcome, Alice!

The faires themselves do not move from place to place. The acts go where they can get contracted to perform. Many have regular schedules, but faires will change up their lineup periodically to keep things fresh.

There are a lot of vendors who travel from one faire to another. It might be possible to link up with one of them, if even for a single faire, while you network and get to know some of the performers. They may be your best bet for getting started.

Best of luck to you!


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