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Canadians Visiting!

Started by Orphena, April 26, 2016, 10:22:38 AM

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This side of the forum looks a little quiet, but I thought I would reach out and try!

M'lord Dugyn and I are planning a visit to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in May -21 22.. We are visiting some Irish Penny Clan members while here, but also wanted to see what friends from the forums we might encounter!

I will scroll thru some older posts to find out more about your festival, but perhaps you would oblige me with a few answers...

I noted on the website that there seem to be a few strict rules regarding what one wears.... how strict are they? Will I get stopped at the gate for having moderate plumpage? We wear nobles, but if I need a partlet, I should start one soon!

Best food at the festival?

Show that is not to be missed?

Is there a place where people hang out for hours at a time - a pub or something of the sort? The website seems to stray away from that information. Does the festival have mead? Is there a shortage?

I am also very much looking forward to meeting Syrilla in person - I have followed her and oft connected with her in the costuming side (although it has been some time since we connected)... can anyone suggest a good time and place that a visiting noblewoman might encounter her Majesty?

Thanks friends! Look for us, and say hello!

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It has been many moons since I have attended TNRF, but unless it has been recently enacted there are no costume restrictions.  I would think that the only one might be if you show up looking like QE 1
then someone might say something.   As for meeting SYRILLA  best time would at opening gate after she has entered the faire.  Best place to hang out would be the Hammer Beam Inn.  I have hoisted many a tankard there.   Food they have a varied menu.  If you are not into spirits, try the one vendor who dispenses the best "SMASH" anywhere([lemonade +].  I know not what entertainment they have this year, so I cannot help.  Check the weather reports as it may get steamy that time of year
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Syrilla was great fun at the Rocky Mountain RenDezvous a few years back.
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