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So, I know everyone else is stoked for opening day this Saturday, but we are coming down for labour day weekend, for what is becoming our annual trip.

We're camping, at Holly Rec. Looking forward to it, although we're going minimal with the cooking supplies.

We're planning to attend Sat, Sun, and part of the day Monday - we have a 4 hour + border crossing drive home, and need to pack our camping stuff up as well, so we'll arrive late and leave early. On Monday, we'll also be pirate garb, which is less complicated than our usual noble, and somewhat appropriate for "unofficial day of wrong" and the fact that it is Pirate weekend.

Wondering if we'll see any RFers? Stare North Steve?

Last year we had a lovely gathering at a pub in Holly.... this year we might do something with the Irish Pennies, but I've not seen anything yet.

No real questions, I suppose, just excited, and it's been a little dead here, so I thought I would pop on and see what's shaking!

Aye, we Ohio pirates shall be there for sure! Wouldn't want to miss pirates weekend at MiRF!

My son is off to college so expenses are tight—therefore, we'll be driving up early Saturday and staying the day, then driving home Sunday morning. We'll have a lot of greetings, toasts and "huzzahs" to fit into just one afternoon. I do hope we don't miss each other as we loop the village.

I'll see you, and all my favorite Michigan pirates, on Saturday! Cheers!


max and kate:
Of course we shall also be there AAARG!


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