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Good day,
I may be visiting Aug 29 as a newbie to Bristol (by no means a faire virgin, Texas Renaissance Festival is my home). Are there any campgrounds where Rennie's gather after close of gates?  Is there a time and tavern for meet and greet inside the gates?  What are the must see shows this year?
-Lord Hector

Merlin the Elder:
Hector, we'll be going to Bristol for the first time a week after you... I'll let you know what we find.  ::)  ???  :o  8)  ;D

Lady Renee Buchanan:
We drive there and back the same day and have never camped.  I have never heard of anyone getting together in a campground after hours, since there are no close campgrounds.

Must see shows include Moonie, and then at 6 p.m. Moonie and Friends, which is all improv, and probably the funniest show at the faire. The drum jam is fun, and all of the musical shows are outstanding.  Do not miss the New Minstrel Revue 5 p.m. show.  Barely Balanced does amazing acrobatics.  If you are into history, the Noble Glade and the Queen's Court are very detail oriented and a glimpse into court life.  Adam Crack and the Fire Whip Show is great.

Thank you both for your replies!  Can't wait for ... ?opening cannon? This Saturday!!
Merlin, I will see you at TRF!

Does Bristol have a brewery? Good Mead?

Merlin the Elder:

--- Quote from: Hector_ on August 27, 2015, 08:19:41 PM ---... Merlin, I will see you at TRF! ...

--- End quote ---
If you do, Hector, it will likely be from hallucinogens. TRF isn't on our schedule.


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