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Bristol's Last Weekend 2015


Lady Renee Buchanan:
This Labor Day weekend is the closing weekend of the season.  I'd like to see who is all going and start a list.  Maybe we can all meet up and go to dinner on Sunday night.

Please put your name and the days you will be there.

Renee and Steve. - Sunday and Monday
We can usually be found at the church service on Sunday morning and then at the musical acts throughout the day.  A never miss for us is Moonie and Friends at 6 p.m., I think it's at Trader's Cove Stage.

Sir Ironhead:
I'll be there all weekend and have a couple extra friends Sunday

I plan on being there Sunday and Monday, with various daughters in tow (and a fabulous son-in-law), but I'm not sure who will be doing what. The kids and I usually go our own ways at faire.
I keep wanting to see Moonie's last show of the day; I hear it is one of the best shows around; not  surprise, since of course, he is The Best One.
I'm Nancy ;)

Merlin the Elder:
Nimue and I will be there all three days, and William of Ware is in from MA, in case he doesn't see this to check in.  We are meeting up with some other friends on Sunday and Monday as well...

Sir Ironhead! It will be good to see you again!


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