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anne of oaktower:
*Stumbles into the once lively stone cottage/pub (see Housewarming Party thread), and shakes her head at the amount of dust that has gathered on the tables and benches, and in every nook and cranny. Listens to the scampering of tiny feet as various small critters scatter in fear from the now unfamiliar human presence in this long-forgotten place.*

Much time has surely passed since we have set foot in these halls. I think I'll brush the dust from a bench in the corner, have a seat, and reminisce for a bit. Perhaps one or two old friends will see the light in the window and drop by for a visit.

anne of oaktower:
*Stretches and yawns, then begins sneezing profusely...*

Oh my! I must have fallen asleep waiting for the others to arrive. I wonder what day it is? Or, perhaps more appropriately, judging by the layer of dust now settled upon my lap, what *year* it is? Well, I suppose I should get up and see if I can get the fire going again, open the doors and windows and sweep out these old cobwebs...perhaps go fetch a few pails of water from the creek and see if I can clean some of these tables so they'll be suitable for the feast that is sure to come when everyone finally finds their way here. So much to do!

*Wanders off in search of the broom, whistling a merry tune*

 (Lest any should desire to take a stroll down memory lane, here is the Housewarming Party thread:,208.0.html )

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:
I went to the very first Ren Faire in must've been 1985 or 86, when it was held down in Oakland, in Schenley the base of "The Hill" if I remember correctly. i feel old.... :(

anne of oaktower:
I think my first time there was around 2001, but I only went a couple of times until I started working there in 2008. Now I'm just a playtron, and I don't get there nearly as much as I'd like.

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:
I'm glad it went somewhere...I wasn't too sure that first year.  I shipped off to the Army not long after that and haven't been home to the Burgh as often as I would've liked over the last 30+ years...

My home faire is TRF, though...I get a little compensation.  I miss real Italian food...and the Dirty O...and even Iron City Beer(somewhat).


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