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checking in on..

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those of you with active posts in the candles for prayer forum..
Lady Amy from NY
Lady Oren (I think)
hvrik (I know I have this spelt wrong) with your broken ankle
there were more but I can't remember names..

Is everyone ok?!

Lady Mikayla of Phoenicia:
My unemployment that I've been able to make my house payment with for the last 6 months runs out next week.  The Universe has provided p/t work, odd jobs and generours friends/acquiaintances over the last 6 months that has taken care of food, gas, groceries, utilities & etc...My biggest concern right now is keeping our roof over our heads, I have 4 dogs, 2 cats and a goldfish.  We are a family.

Can you still apply for extensions with unemployment? My DH had to, but that was 6 years ago. Have you tried calling the mortgage company to see if there is anything you can do, reduce payments until you're back working full time?

I'm doing well, the knee's getting better. I have my post op appointment today so hopefully he'll give me some good news!

EDIT - Update! All went well, got my bandages off, and I'm set. Just have a follow up in four weeks and I gotta keep exercising it by straightening it and bending no PT. WOO!

I'm here, sad to see the old forum end like that.  Prayers go out to you all  during this difficult transition time. Peace and blessings.


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