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Hello! Anybody Here Yet?

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I'm hoping that all the natives and first friends of Avaloch find their way to the new site.  Especially Trevor - our man of info and unofficial ambassador.

Yep, I agree, we need Trevor here!

Quiet One:

I'm here! just been kinda quietly lurking around waiting for everyone else to show up.

Hello, Ladies!  I was surprised last week when I tried to log on here.  Kind of a sad shock!  Good to see a few familiar faces returning.  Looking forward to seeing you...is there a fairy fest at the end of June? 

If so we'll see you there!  And of course at GLMF very soon!!

Old Tinker:
good day to all. me Belle and me recieve'd our answer last even'n about thee "Calendar"-
now thee bad news, we have been in contact with John, he is unable to retrieve thee "Calendar". may we ask if others out there may have a print'd or save'd copy of thee "Calendar". me Belle is look'n today in our files to see if she can find any that i had print'd and brought home. if anyone else has a copy, please PM this Old Tinker and let me know. our hopes are to get thee "Calendar" back up within a couple weeks. any and all help is need'd. we shall post this information on many threads, and hopefully someone out there may have a copy of thee "Calendar".
i was foolish not to back up thee "Calendar",
so that be said,
i be the Old Tinker and his  Belle...


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