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Old Tinker:
HUZZAH to Escarlata, she has retreiv'd thee "Calendar" for us all...
thank you thank you dear Esc.

me Belle and me will today put up a link to thee "Calendar" at thee KyHRF thread soon.
Ahh, everything feels right now.
another HUZZAH to Escarlata,
i be the Old Tinker and his Belle...

trevor ylisaari:
I'm here.

I've actuall been here since the day after the old board died.

Just things were a jumble then, so no reason for me to add to the confusion.

And the past week or so has been so hectic, I haven't had time to get over here.

Nothing major killing my time, just playoff hockey. (I'm sure our friends from Pittsburgh know what I am talking about)
It's kind of a domino effect.
I spend 3 hours watching a hockey game, which means I have to tape the shows I normaly watch in that time span. So, I need to make time to watch those shows sometime. It doesn't help I was already behind on a bunch of stuff from when I was working 10 hour shifts. I think right now, I have 11 hours of TV shows to watch (either on tape, or on the computer, with another 5 hours getting taped tonight and tomorrow night while I am at the campground with my wife)

So, hopefully sometime next week, I will be able to find some time to re-post some of the info that we used to have here.

Terry Griffith:
Trevor, we do indeed know where of you speak.  At most of my gigs, the bar owners would rather play the Hockey game on TV than hear music.  The good part is, I get paid for a full evening and usually end up playing 20 minutes an hour and a full set after the game.  Sometimes though, all my rennie friends show up and they turn the sound down and watch the game and listen to my music.  When the Penns score a goal and everybody cheers, I just say "Thank You" and keep playing.  You take it where you can get it.

I'm glad for the Penguins though and all the local hockey fans.  We may be "City of Champions" again.


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