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opening weekend meet and greet?

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hi all. i see from the other post that some will be there tomorrow..

want to plan an official meet and greet at opening gate? or elsewhere during the day? is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huzzah........

Laedyfaire :)

anyone still going tomorrow? we're thinking of pushing it off 'til sunday...?

we are still going...heading out soon. rain or shine..will be there tomr. also. :)))

The camera is charging, my son's getting a shower, my outfit is laid out. . .we're ready! . . .and the hotel is only a few miles from the site.

I'm ready for some Renaissance!

aw man. we were gonna go today, but i turned on the weather and saw that it was gonna rain all over the place. i called up to the faire and they said that it was pouring rain. boo. :[

but i'm shooting for tomorrow! if you guys are gonna be there, we could meet up..


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