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Favorite Renaissance Festival shows

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anne of oaktower:
I knew I had missed an act or two...

           The Washing Well Wenches!
             (Now how did I forget them?!  Don't tell Mr. Wetums!)

Lady Tess:
Yes, I love the Washer Wenches at CRF!

Lady Neysa:
Fight School! -stage combat and comedy.

Hack and Slash!- bull whipping, stage combat, comedy.

Johnny Fox! -sword swallower extraordinaire, magic tricks.

Lady Tess:
I think I've seen Hack & Slash once.

Musical Blades...

Limey Birds...

3 Pints Gone...

Got to see Moonie (by himself) for the first time this year...could see him becoming quite a fave...

Jolly Rogers...

Tartanic (please come back to KCRF...or better yet, St. Louis...THAT would drown out those pesky home-made helocopters that buzzed pub sing...sorry, KING's sing)


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