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Yard sales

Started by CountessofPhoenix, May 10, 2008, 01:32:03 PM

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This thread ran on the other site , but I love to hear of peoples bargains! Last week I bought 2 polyester curtain panels in blue, over 10 yards $3, 4 yds. of 60"cream colores polished cotton $4, 5 bags of old buttons $1 for all. May make a cape put of some of it. Or harem pants for my daughter. Today a gallon sack of lace, 2yds of a burgundy cotton print, 2 yds of a corduroy print, $1 each, and 1 1/2 yds of black and gray tartan $2
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Gotta love yard sales,  Today I found 4 french lace window panels that are to die for, but the best find was 18 yards of Emerald Linen still on the bolt, the outer wrap was a bit faded and dusty but the inner sections are in perfect condition, total cost for the two 8 bucks. :o
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I found two pillows that I am going to make covers for, to use as ringbearer's pillows in our wedding, a fitted linen sheet that will be great fabric for bloomers, and a bunch of faux pearl and gold jewelry that will make a lovely girdle, I'll just need to add a few connecting rings and a a couple of books, a 2 quart thermos, a calligraphy set, and some Cat-in-the-hat dishes all for $8.50  ;D
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Last weekend when mom was up here we went yard sale-ing. I found some really nice pieces for my garb. I found a sheet that would make a great skirt, TONS of fabric remnants (anywhere from .5yd to 5yd) for dirt cheap, two hair barrettes that are really nice and look old, and two adjustable costume rings that just look amazing. All in all I spent about 4 bucks.  ;D
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Actually I have a question regarding yard sales, anyone know when the Team Wench maryland yard sale will be? We had a scheduling conflict last year so we were only able to attend like the first part of it and we realized that to find all of the goodies a full day of browsing was in order. Has a date been set yet?
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I'm not much for yard sales but love to troll the clearance sections of the stores. Last week I bought four panels of red silk lined in cotton that added up to over nine yards on clearance at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $25. I'm thinking they will become my practice Venetian gown.  :)
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I don't yard sale much either, but I find lots of bargains at Ollie's and Ross (in the form of curtains, tablecloths, sheets, etc)! Recently snagged tablecloths in 2 colors, enough for 1 gown in each hopefully... each package had a 84" long (2.33 yd) by 55" wide tablecloth and (6) 18" square napkins for $6.99!


Like the thread, but lets really work hard at keeping the items we discuss on the RENsiide... Please.