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Who's Going?


Just a little over 2 weeks to go until opening day and this forum is quiet. Anybody going this year?

iain robb:
I apologize for not noticing your post earlier; I usually still check the forum several times a week.

You'll find an active group of playtrons at BARF, but we're not very active here anymore.

Here's a link to our opening day tailgate event:

We tailgate before faire every weekend, on the first near the entrance to the parking lot. Come and introduce yourself. You will be welcomed.

Alright. Thanks for the info.
I am supposed to do the Brevard Festival this weekend.
I did get an invite from the marketing director at Barf to be there opening weekend though.
So many decisions now. I guess I could do Barf Sat and Brevard Sunday.

iain robb:
Feel free to do Brevard this weekend and come out next weekend, if that works for you. We'll be there near the entrance about 8:30 to opening canon every Saturday, and from about 9 to cannon every Sunday. And you'll be welcome any weekend.

We'll be near the main parking lot road, between the first and second rows of parking. I hope that make sense.


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