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Good day!  I had the most wonderful time at Sherwood at the end of February!  I was delighted to see such a wonderfully created venue.  The cast, crew, playtrons and patrons I saw and met topped off my experience.  I do hope to return some day.  This faire should be used as a model for new and growing faires to follow.

My photos are at

Merlin the Elder:
I wish we lived closer, too, Craigmeister. We make the trip for opening weekend every year, and that's as much as we can swing.

Some day, you folks who post collections of photos online need to visit our Patron's campgrounds.

We are the only (to my knowledge) Faire that allows reserved Clan camping, where a group can claim an area and maintain it throughout the years. We presently have about 35 clans holding a claim, with another dozen on the waiting list.

I can take individual photographers for a ride on my little Mule throughout the campgrounds. Spring Break (March 18-20) would be a good time, as the campgrounds will get packed.

Catch me in Faire and I'll escort you outside the fence and into the Party Land.

I was very impressed with the assigned clan areas when we visited Sherwood!

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I've heard of this faire but never looked into exactly where it's located. Just curious, how long has this one been in existence? Definitely need to put this faire on my visit list. I've been visiting Scarby since 1986 (primarily because I live in the Fort Worth area) but now that the kids are older, I need to expand my range.  :)


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