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Ser Charlemagne:
Last year, a large group of friends and I camped for the first time at TRF (Texas Renaissance Festival). It was a huge success and a massive amount of fun, and this coming from someone who hates camping, let me tell you. I loved it.

We had borrowed a tent and air mattress from my father, but my partner and I are looking to purchase our own supplies for this year's camping. I've eyed the tent I think we may look at, but something to sleep on is another thing entirely.

I'm looking for suggestions for bedding - air mattresses, cots, etc - that are suitable for two people. Both of us have back issues stemming from old injuries, but hers are worse than mine, and she is also an insomniac. So comfort and quiet are important, though I realize I may be asking a lot considering it's primitive camping. Does anyone have suggestions?

I actually have an Ikea twin mattress I use.  Put that up on a couple of pallets or even get the Ikea cheap wood bed and you will be quite happy.  It's also cheaper than getting a decent cot.  I'd stay away from an air mattress - they decompress as the air gets colder and aren't very good no matter how "good" they claim.   They are really for inside use with overnight guests and not for camping.  Cots are okay - I've used them before.  But you want to put a yoga mat and a blanket beneath you before you put the sheets and blankets on.   The biggest problem with a cot is that people forget the air will circulate beneath you and no one likes a cold bum.   

Are you doing full period correct camping or just REI sales camping?  Also, I'd be surprised if it was real primitive camping - you have to dig your own latrine?   Every Renn Fair/Camping event I've been to has been car camping - there are porta johns or even toliets and a place you can wash your hands that is not a stream.

Ser Charlemagne:
Oh, we aren't worried about being period accurate. I say primitive camping because that was the term used at all the lakes I camped at with family as a child, in reference to tent camping.

The problem with an ikea mattress is the fact that we travel in a compact car. There is no fitting all of our garb plus a mattress somehow in that mess. Well, it's either my partner's compact hatchback or my Mustang, lol, and hers has more space and better gas mileage.

I use a queen air mattress with an attached battery powered pump.  The kind for home use as a guest bed.  4 or 5 years now.  Absolutely no problems.

Ser Charlemagne:

--- Quote from: Butch on March 16, 2016, 12:29:54 PM ---I use a queen air mattress with an attached battery powered pump.  The kind for home use as a guest bed.  4 or 5 years now.  Absolutely no problems.

--- End quote ---

What brand? Was the pump silent? I've seen a few I was interested in, while exploring my many options. Because I have to consider my partner's sleeping issues, I'd like a quiet option if possible. :)


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