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Best Bedding?

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Best for tent camping IMHO, Titan cot from Gander Mountain (very wide, very strong, will not turn over) with a four inch memory foam mattress from Walmart.  I've done air mattress's and while they are comfortable, they have two issues.  One, every air mattress at some point will start leaking.  And when that's at 3 in the morning, that sucks.  Two, if it sits on the floor of the tent and the ground is cold, the air in the mattress stays cold.  With cold air in the mattress, you'll stay cold no matter how many blankets you have on top of you.  If the mattress sits up off the ground on a platform, that's better.  You'll stay warmer on a cot during cool or cold nights. 
But the best is good memory foam mattress in a camper!   ;D

Merlin the Elder:
We always do our primitive camping at the Hampton Inn.  ::)  8)  ;D

Ser Charlemagne:

--- Quote from: Merlin the Elder on March 17, 2016, 05:41:34 AM ---We always do our primitive camping at the Hampton Inn.  ::)  8)  ;D

--- End quote ---

That's usually what we would do to :) But a group we are a part of has started a one weekend tradition at TRF of camping for a whole weekend. I usually hate camping, but had a REALLY GOOD TIME this time. :)


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