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Will be in Colorado by April!


Hail and well met!!

My name is Lady Leah, Hound Ambassador! I will be in Colorado for some work in early April, and of course will be at the festival. This is my first time going to a state blind, so I know nobody and would love to make your acquaintance!

I am hoping I can meet someone who may be friends or acquaintances with the Greyhound Guild there, too! Would love to volunteer!

Please don't be shy and text me! I will be in Gypsum, then Denver, then Colorado Springs for festival. 530-370-3076

Welcome, Lady Leah!

My wife and I are on cast in Colorado as the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk, and we look forward to meeting you on the hallowed grounds of Larkspurshire.  You will probably recognize me from my avatar when you see us, so please do introduce yourself.

I have taken the liberty of forwarding your post to one of the members of our local greyhound rescue and am hopeful she will be in touch with you soon.

In any event, safe travels and we'll see you in June.


Thank you thank you!! I can't appreciate it enough!

The Professor:
We look forward very much to your visit--and tell others that we are delighted to welcome new arrivals to our cherished shire.  Water.  Sun Block. And all shall be well.

Hello, be sure to say hello to me if you see me!!

(I'm the second from the left, of course)


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