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Prayers for the TRF / GARF Pirate cove family


For those of you that may not have heard, Liam Helmes, co-owner of the Pirate cove at TRF & GARF, Auctioneer at the 4 o'clock Trust the Pirate sword auction, and long time faire friend lost his life in a tragic accident while working on his booth at the Georgia Renaissance Faire.  Please keep Nina and the Helms family in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayers sent for the family. 

I've spent more then a few late afternoons at TRF watching the auction just to people watch more then anything.  My grand kids in recent years loved collecting tickets with the hope of winning a really big sword!  The auction just won't be the same with him there.

Aww he was a great guy and Trust a Pirate was very entertaining.  I got to talk with him a bit last year at Georgia and was looking forward to seeing him again.


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