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2016 opening is looming

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Just a few more weeks, and the Castle will open ;)
It will be so nice to see the Oklahoma folks again, and I recently found out that not only is my cousin planning on coming with me again, but she's planning on bringing her 17-year-old son and a friend of his. I had taken her to the Castle last year (year before? ) and she'd fallen in love with faires, and she brought her son and some friends to our home faire of Bristol last summer, and now he wants to make the trip to Oklahoma with us; I feel very accomplished for that ;)

Merlin the Elder:
I'll have the cards with me...

I expect nothing less, Master Wizard...
and I'll have the doughnuts with me...and whatever else I can manage.

I just moved to Oklahoma and plan on visit this fair for the first time on opening day.
The renaissance fair that I used to go to people would tailgate before opening and I was wondering if Patrons of this Fair did it as well??

Merlin the Elder:
Tailgating, by the definition of Scarborough, does not happen, although some of us get there early and dress in the parking lot...

We will be there for opening weekend as well. Homer, the Odyssey, will be parked in the handicap area near the front gate. Am I wrong or did we not meet once at Scarby?  Regardless, drop by and say hello.


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