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Shrewfaire and Canterbury-Oregon


Hello! I just joined and figured I shoud post here about a couple faires that I'm SO excited about.

[Canterbury] is in Silverton, a ways from Salem. I've never been able to make it personally, but I've heard that it's FANTASTIC! It runs two weekends in July

Shrewsbury is THE FIRST FAIRE I ATTENDED and it's "my" faire. Located in Kings Valley, just outside of Philomath and has been running for 21 years this year, always the second weekend of September (September 10-11 this year) and  I have been going for what will be six years. My best mate and I have vended there twice, each time learning a little more and ALWAYS enjoying the atmosphere and the people. This year will be our third go at it, one last "huzzah" before I head to Texas for a year.  If you make it, look up Bits 'n Scraps. All sorts of simple crafts and paintings.
.....Shameless advertising?

Merlin the Elder:
No shame at all, Mate!  Welcome to our little world!  I have never been to the Northwest, and would love to come. We live in central Arkansas, and if we come, we will drive, as there is much in the west we have never seen.


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