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The Camping Checklist for New Groups

Started by ValickOLaris, May 09, 2016, 01:12:03 PM

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I've handed my list out to a few people before and they have been very grateful. Just thought I'd share it.
Of course it isn't an end all list but everyone finds it to be a great starting point.
If you guys can think of anything, I'll add it! ;D

?   A Beach Towel (More useful than you would think)
?   Chair
?   Extra Blanket
?   Flip Flops (For around camp. Your feet will thank you)
?   Mattress Pad / Air Mattress / Cot (The ground sucks)
?   Phone Charger / Adapter / Power Bank
?   Pillow
?   Pocket Flashlight or head lamp
?   Sleeping Bag
?   Toiletries
?   Fan
?   Lamp
?   Tent
?   Tent Foot Print / Tarp
?   Air Mattress Repair Kit & Fabric Repair Kit
?   Canopy
?   Coolers
?   Extra Tarps (My personal experience taught me it was a good idea)
?   Fire Pit
?   Five Gallon Bucket / Rubbermaid ben (Wash station)
?   Five Gallon Water Storage (Wash station)
?   Folding Table
?   Grill / Stove (I have a stove)
?   Hatchet  (Replaces a steak mallet)
?   Knife & Multitool  (Never Hurts To Keep Both In Your Car)
?   Lantern/area lighting (Not Completely Necessary)
?   Med Kit
?   Parachord
?   Pot & Skillet
?   Power Inverter
?   Radio / MP3 Player
?   Spatula & Tongs   
?   Hand Warmers (Toss them in your sleeping bag at night)
?   Poncho
?   Thermals
?   Cups
?   Antibacterial Dish Soap
?   Duct Tape & Zip Ties
?   Ear Plugs (If You Are A Light Sleeper)
?   Extra Batteries
?   Ice
?   Lighter Fluid & Charcoal / Propane
?   Matches & Lighters
?   Paper Plates
?   Paper Towels
?   Plastic ware
?   Repellant
?   SOS Pad and Sponge
?   Starter Logs
?   Sun Screen
?   Toilet Paper!! (Nothing worse than a shiny swamp weed puller. My 2ยข)
?   Trash Bags

A) Bring a good jacket if there is any evidence of the temperature dropping. Not kidding on this one because you WILL be miserable.
B)Try not to share an air mattress with someone. You will bounce any time they move or you will be afraid to get comfortable for the same reason, or if it leaks you will end up on top of each other. Do separate twins instead.
C) Keep your vehicle locked and valuables out of site.
D) When putting your bedding in the tent, keep it off the walls as best as you can.
E) A little bug spray around the base of your tent is never a bad idea.
F) If mosquitos are bad, pitch your tent with the door facing the wind. Mosquitos will cling to the opposite side to shield themselves from the wind.
G) Check/replace batteries before the trip. Not a bad idea to make all your devices use the same batteries.
H) Turn your phone battery screen brightness down and close all your apps before you pull your phone off the charger to extend your battery life.
I) Ladies, if you need relief from being sweaty, keep wet wipes/face wipes in a Tupperware container in your cooler.
J) Ladies again, ditch the shoulder purse or wristlet and opt for a small drawstring backpack. It also helps if you want to purchase items and stay hands free.
K) TENTS: Just a heads up cabin tents will provide you more space but dome tents will hold up to higher winds.
L) When bringing condiments, grab some extra single packets from a restaurant.
M) You'll notice ear plugs are on the inventory list. I definitely recommend this. We are naturally inclined to be disturbed by higher frequencies and with people running around in the middle of the night, screaming "WAKE UP!" at 4:30 in the morning, or a car alarm going off, you will not awaken in a adrenaline fueled state making it more difficult to get back to sleep.
N) When pitching your tent, be on the lookout for widow makers. Dead tree with limbs that can crash into your tent.
O) Select your location based on how much traffic you want passing through or by. Most people don't think about this their first time.
Remember: "Y'all" is singular. "All y'all" is plural. "All y'all's" is plural possessive.


This list is great! I just have to wait for the shipment of my truck utility rack that I ordered at 4WheelOnline so I can get ready for camping this coming summer.