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the Mandela Effect

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Lady Mac:
If you don't know what it is, google or youtube it. Might be more amazing to
those of us 40 or 50+ yrs of age. I'm still stumped on the Ford and VW logos,
Fruit Loops and Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Movies have changed, logos, books,
even the Bible and people you thought were dead are still alive. Very strange.
I'm finding new 1s almost everyday. Am I going bonkers? Feedback please!

Merlin the Elder:
Stop taking the brown acid...

Seriously, though, I got into an argument with the Bride just the other day about something we had discussed (I thought). Oddly, I distinctly recall the conversation, but she says it never happened. Being the male in the argument, I am supposed to lose, but I swear it was real.

I remember it as Froot Loops.  I remember BerenstAin Bears.  I do not remember Mandella dying (until recently).  Sorry.

This is likely a result of branal schisms, where one universe will have a brief split in probability tracks created by a nexus event, giving birth to a new alternate universe (or partially connecting to an extant one where those events occurred/did not occur), but the paradox is self-healing and the schismed branal bubble universe rejoins the primary, or the "bump" between existing universes ceases. So, according to physical evidence and documentation, nothing changed. However, people's memories- which are tied to something that transcends the limitations of a single universe, and are therefore resistant to the reset mechanics- will have data from BOTH universes, even if only fragmentary.

Lady Mac:
Interesting response Breandan, thanks. Ties into some of the explanations I have found so far, as in for symptoms rather than the effect itself. Some of the explanations have been; merging solar systems effecting gravitational waves, (ie* Nibaru), CERN experiments actually opening dimension portals and/or actually crosses lines of reality,  and Harp experiments causing earthquakes (the increase in earthquakes is off the charts on the planet), that are affecting time lines, and increased tech advancement of Quantum computers saying that reality itself is just an illusion. That's just 4 explanations that make a bit of sense. There are more that are even further "out there" than that.

I might leave these 3 things for food, other than the others mentioned up top. These I have found since and I swear, 99.99% are true. In my lifetime I remember Haleys' Comet, my parents and grandparents remember it as Haleys' Comet. When did it become Halleys' Comet?(pronounced like Sally)

Prince had a song called "Let's Go Crazy" I remember singing this song on the radio! "We are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called life" When did this song change to "We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life?" No way, No how!

For the 3rd, I am going by what L'il Mac has told me. He is a James Bond fanatic. He's has and has read all the books, has and has seen all the movies, at least and more than 5 times each. In the movie "Moonraker," after Jaws crashes the ski lift into the control tower, throws an enormous gear of himself, finally comes face to face with the love of his life, Sally. He swears on a stack of bibles that when Sally smiles she is wearing braces, then Jaws smiles back with a mouth full of silver, titanium teeth. He says that's what made the scene stick. It was hilarious. She flashed her silver and then he flashed his, then they walk off together. Now in the scene she has no braces. He says the same thing as me, shaking and scratching his head, No Way, No How!

Adding also, when the heck did a Kit-Kat bar lose the hyphen, always had it in my memory. Now its simply a KitKat bar. Does that look strange to anyone? If any of these you say nuh-uh, then you are or partially in my reality too.


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