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Waiting for a lovely weekend forecast to jump the my car with my sister & drive 7 hours to Bristol!!  I loved the Friends of Faire garden last year - it really helped beat the heat.  I hope the weekends haven't been too brutal so far! 

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
Was just there Saturday the 16th and although warm, the great shade and breeze made for a great day !

Lady Renee Buchanan:
This coming Saturday, high of 91, around 50% humidity, and chance of a showe, 10%.

Sunday, high 86, humidity 55-75%, chance of rain during faire hours, up to 45%.

We're going Sunday, and it sounds like a typical miserable Bristol heatwave day.

In case you hadn't seen the announcement, they've increased the daily cost for the FoF area; it's now $10 instead of $5.

Bristol does have nice shady lanes.  I'm glad you had a great day Gauwyn!  I forget, is Bristol your closest-to-home festival?
Sunday's 80s sound nicer than 90s.  Think cooling thoughts & I hope you have a great time, Lady Renee!
Thanks for the tip RefMom3 - I didn't know they raised the price.  I think $10 is not the amazing deal $5 was, but still worth it.  I wish KC would implement something similar.

I'll keep watching the extended forecast & keep my fingers crossed for a tiny tad cooler! :)
And keep dreaming of cloak weather! *sigh*


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