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Having some trouble figuring out what to call this


I don't have any photos of this costume but it's pretty weird. A while ago I made a leafy sea dragon costume for something unrelated to ren faire. This is what a leafy sea dragon looks like:

I made a set of moveable "wings" that raise up to an 8-foot span with a similar shape to the appendages on the sea dragon. Sorry if that makes literally no sense whatsoever. They work similarly to these This costume also has a green square neck top, and a tatter skirt with a zig-zag shaped tail sewn into it. I'm going to wear it with black leggings and a plain black bodice.

I have absolutely no idea what to call this garb. I wanted to say that it was a dryad, but dryads don't have wings or tails. I like the idea of saying that it's some sort of woodland creature. I don't have time before going on my first faire trip to purchase additional things for my garb.

Tl;dr: What can I call a character that is a woodland creature with dragon-esque wings and a zig-zag shaped tail?

Lady Renee Buchanan:
How about a "woodland dragon"?  Since it's fantasy, you can make up the creature as whatever you want, so it doesn't matter if no one's ever heard of such a thing.  Sounds cool.  Take pictures!

tree dragon?  a small dragon who lurks in the trees protecting the forest & dryads.  Depending on how your costume looks, you could name a particular tree if you like.


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