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STL moving to fall?

Started by groomporter, June 23, 2015, 09:23:09 AM

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I was on a Renfair artists' group and someone said Mid-America Festivals announced at the end of the run that they want to move the St. Louis show to the fall? -Even though it's only 200-some miles from their own KCRF fall show?
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Yes, I have heard it as well.  Much stronger than a rumor.


I heard from a performer that their "free preview" will only use a portion of the site, the piece up the hill will be closed off.  Petit-Petit Lyon?


I went to Petit-Petit Lyon (good one Butch!) this past weekend for the free preview.  It's just over an hour away from me and that ain't nothing for a free fest and a little car with great gas mileage!  They had some costumed cast, a couple of stages, food booths and vendors open.  Three Pints Gone was performing - I've been a fan since their KC days & in fact, they were the reason I started attending the St. Louis' festival years ago.  Good stuff!  St. Louis will have another free weekend June 4 & 5 with more performers - definitely worth more than the price of entry! ;D

TIP: Pass the first parking lot you get to (everyone was parking at this upper overflow lot and walking down), keep going down the little windy road to the lower main lot close to the gate!

While I like having a spring AND fall fest nearby, I think I'll like having a cooler weather St. Louis festival.  The Spring one has always been so warm!  However, I don't ever see myself having season passes to both since they overlap (and I have a humble secretary income - I save all year for my KC pass!)


I really wanted to go.  Michael just bought a house, so painting and other chores took priority.  aI really wanted to see 3 Pints Gone!  And Tinker!


Wow!  Cheers to Michael & cheers to you for helping him out!

3 Pints Gone was great as always & that must have been Tinker with them.  He led a funny song that had a bit of audience participation (our line was, "and she was!" in various silly voices).  I couldn't get it out of my head for a week! ;D

I'm kicking myself for not buying a couple of 2 for $20 tickets they had on sale.  Poo!  I look forward to attending once or twice in the fall anyway!