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Closing Weekend


Yes, this is closing weekend, with HIGHS IN THE 80'S! Mid-October?

That's weird.  It was in the 70's when I was there on opening weekend.  I guess we are indeed headed for a La Nina winter this year.

I hope I can wear my cloak in 3 weeks to the Gravette Renaissance Faire in Arkansas.

I think it will be cloak weather for Central Missouri Renaissance Festival http://www.centralmorenfest.org/ this weekend in Kingdom City!  Huzzah!  The Gravette Faire looks like it's just over the border (near-ish!) - thanks for the idea!  Hey!  I just looked it up and your picture is right there! http://www.arkansas.com/events/details.aspx?id=119402

Last Saturday was nice at Canterbury.  Overcast skies and cool breezes!  It was a glorious fair faire day on Saturday! But Sunday was rough for this cool-weather loving girl!  I was feeling so unwell, I left early.  So I can't wait till next year to make up for it!  Time for a new countdown?!  HA ;D

Huzzah!  I don't even remember that picture being taken.  It must have been from two years ago.  Thanks for that link.

Go ahead and start that countdown.  It's never too early to be eager for a Renfaire!

I hope to see you in Gravette.  It is a really great site, great people and nice family atmosphere!


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