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Enhanced security (that doesn't hurt)


Hello gentlefolk all,

I have enabled communications to the site to work through https (TLS/SSL). What does that mean? Well, if you connect to the site using https://www.renaissancefestival.com rather than http://www.renaissancefestival.com the traffic will be secure and encrypted. It should not impact any of the features or functions of the site but if it does please let me know and I will take care of it.

Rest assured that I still pay attention to the site although I may not post much. If anyone has any suggestions for the site feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to discuss things to enhance the site and the Ren Community!

Looks good. One thing to note: the RF logo in the top left is served via HTTP, so most browsers show the page as not fully HTTPS.

Good catch, thanks! I'll take care of it this weekend.

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Two Thumbs Up. Excellent work Tom. More of the word's internet needs to follow suite.


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