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One Year Ago

Started by Lady Christina de Pond, October 06, 2011, 09:41:08 AM

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Lady Christina de Pond

One Year Ago

It's almost a year
A year since i knew
That you were more than just a dream
That I spent a few hours finally getting my glimpse
Wanting more knowing it wouldn't happen
Not at that time
Almost a year when I boarded a plane
And left you behind
But not without hope
I remember still
Watching you sit only a few seats in front of me
Watching you read and play with your hair
First one hand then the other
And seeing no rings at all
Wanting to talk to you sitting there wanting you to make a move
Knowing that it wouldn't happen that night
I still remember that last moment right before boarding I looked at you
Still sitting there and seeing you smile
I knew when I boarded my glimpse was over
that had finally seen you outside of my dreams
even though it's been nearly a year I haven't forgot
nor will I ever
and I know that we have a little longer
before we find each other again
but I know you will find me again
possibly in the same place we left off
until then I'll not stop dreaming of you
hoping for you longing for you wanting you and only you.
Happy Anniversary to us

Helmswoman of the Fiesty Lady
Lady Ashley of De Coals
Militissa in the Frati della Beata Gloriosa Vergine Mari



Great poem, I simply love it! Keep it up, you're very good at this :)