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Good morrow
I was browsing the forums and seen that we are not particularly active during off season on the forum and would like that to change. For me and I am sure some others this is a place to keep in spirit when faire season is not in full swing. Yet I have to brush off cobwebs and dust from posts just to feel involved. Liven up lords and lady's we can't let this section die only to be lit up during fair then to die again

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Oh no!  We left you hanging for so long!  How about a countdown?
!!!!!137 DAYS till FESTIVAL TIME at KCRF!!!!!I'm already looking forward to fall at KCRF!  I hope we have some "cloak-weather" days this year.  I went to Kegs 'n' Eggs at the KC Festival grounds just so I could soak it up to last me through the summer. ;D  Although it is a couple of hours away, I consider it to be my home festival.  Is this your home festival too?  Do you visit other festivals during the year?

How was Kegs and Eggs this year?  You know, Michael was one of the "Grand Prize Winners" last year when he got a $100 prize egg!  What kinda prizes did you win this year?  What did other people get?

I'm considering going to the Brew B Que event on May 20th! 

Tamtaro yea it is my home fair only  about an hour away and I've yet to go to a holiday event at the faire but it's on my to do list as for the prolonged isolation think nothing of it. I too hope for cloak weather although mine has yet to ship still :( all because I want a grey one and not red lol

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Kegs & Eggs was another success!  The weather was beautiful & the festival grounds make me so happy.  I remember Michael got one of the golden eggs!  This year we were about 15 minutes late for the opening of the gates, so we didn't see any eggs or win any prizes, but I saw a lot of brew-swag.  The first year we made friends who shared their prizes - tickets to the St. Louis Renaissance Festival.  Last year, we won an assortment of fun stuff.  The people-watching was most premium!  I hope the Brew B Que is a lot of fun too!
!!!!!128 DAYS till the GATES OPEN at CANTERBURY, KANSAS!!!!!Johnwolfe - I hope a new grey cloak comes for you soon!  (And cloak weather for us both this fall!)  My favorite garb: hat, mini-mug, cloak and my mundanes. ;D


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