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Best friend in depression


Hey, my best friend met with an accident last month. She had a cute smile. This accident has done serious damage to her face. She has bruised lips and broken teeth right now.
She broke up with her boyfriend. She thinks that he left her because of this accident. She has low confidence and she thinks that she looks bad now.
I am thinking about taking her to a smile makeover treatment from Aurora. I believe that this treatment is going to boost her confidence to some extent.
She is heartbroken and I am disappointed about her condition. Please remember her in your prayers.

She'll be in my thoughts and prayers

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Always remember to be there for her. You have to help her regain her self-esteem and confidence. Of course, I think the smile makeover treatment would help but it being a constant emotional pillar for her would make her feel that someone truly cares. I'll include her in my prayers, and I hope she's doing okay now.

Merlin the Elder:
Please be aware that you are likely talking to a spammer.

Better pray either way Merlin

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