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Spanish Noblewoman Help?

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--- Quote from: Lady Kathleen of Olmsted on April 07, 2017, 01:34:19 AM ---https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154451010111280&set=t.568686279&type=3&theater

A Doublet gown with Spanish sleeves using the Margo Anderson pattern.

I love the Fantasy Fashions Doublet pattern for men, but have not used it for a woman's Doublet. I jut might have to try it.

--- End quote ---

Lady Kathleen, when I followed the link it said that I was not authorized on facebook to access the page so I started snooping on Google. I found your flickr album, and is this the dress you're talking about?  I love how you beaded the trim!
or this blue one?
I looked up Margo Anderson's Sixteenth Century Lady's Doublet and it looks like a very useful place to start! My friend is very shapely so I think the men's pattern wouldn't be easier than drafting my own (my own figure is another matter lol).

Lady Kathleen of Olmsted:
Here is a photo, songbird of the Doublet gown with the Spanish Sleeves.

On the dress form...

When I made this, I set the buttons part way because I wanted the top part to lay open and display the lining. I made a dickie piece to pin on my corset to make it appear like I was wearing a Kirtle underneath. One of my Costumer friends who has a booth at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival gave me that idea.

The Margo Anderson pattern comes in a size 2 to 30. I cut the 18 and it fit just nicely.


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