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Ronald the Bald:
Opening day pics:

Ronald the Bald:
1st Sunday pics:

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Enjoyed the photos very much.  Thanks for sharing them.  Wish we could get back to Scarby.  It was such a wonderful faire.

Wonderful photos; thank you for sharing ;) I missed going this year, since we were on "baby watch" in my family. My daughter and her husband were expecting their first baby to arrive around Apr. 19, but since she was sure he would show up early, I was staying close to home. I don't anticipate having that concern next year, so hope to get back to Scarborough next year, if Merlin and his Lovely Bride invite me again. (Lucas was born April 10, and all are well. I will be picking out his first sword when I visit the faire in Muskogee next month ;) )

Ronald the Bald:
2nd Saturday pics:


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