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My sis and I are gearing up for the 5-1/2 hour drive to the Castle for opening day!  In addition to all the great performances, I'm looking forward to spinach & feta crepes, seeing Her Majesty the Queen & using coin of the realm.  The coins are super-fun.  I haven't been to any other fests that have that.  What are your favorites at OKRF?  I'm also hoping for nice weather - please take care of that for us Merlin (I super-believe in you!) ;D  Two weeks to go!!  Yay!

Merlin the Elder:
I shall do my best, but I believe we will be foregoing Castleton this season. We are planning a longer trip to Larkspurshire in June. I shall certainly miss seeing your sweet, smiling face!

My favorite acts are Ezndil, Bob The Incredible Juggler and The Escapologist.  My favorite vendor (Stickbow Archery) was not invited back.  Still pondering that decision by management...  However, I have many patron friends that I enjoy seeing each year.

I hope to take my oldest brother on his first trip to The Castle this year.  I also hope to take my former co-worker and her husband back.  They took me to Muskogee for the first time in 2002 which started this obsession of mine with Renaissance Faires.

I'm planning on the second week in May. Bob the Incredible Juggler and the Escapologist are also favorites (I've never seen the dice game he plays, so I hope to catch that this year), and I love the Musical Blades. Sorry to hear about Stickbow Archery; the fencing demonstrations won't be there, either. Looking forward to food from the Smoking Dragon, and homemade root beer ;) Mostly, I just love to wander around ;)

Aw, thanks Merlin!  I like bumping into my favorite wizard too!  I hope you have a great time in Larkspurshire this summer!

This weekend's forecast looks cooler than previously advertised.  Happy Tamtaro!  A little rain is a fair trade for cool weather.  I won't wear my Sunday shoes though.

I love Bob the Incredible Juggler.  He performs in KC too - a longtime favorite!  I'll put the Escapologist on my list. 

I hope weekend 2 is also lovely - I like the wandering quite a bit too, RefMom3.  This will be my 3rd visit to the castle.  Holy cow!  You've been going 15 years Craigmeister!


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