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Can I share a crazy garb photo moment?

Started by gem, October 13, 2013, 10:34:11 PM

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(I dithered about posting this in the Finished Projects thread, except that the dress is a few years old now, so it didn't seem quite right. But I *had* to share this with people who will get it.)

This afternoon I was in the mood for an easy ensemble to wear to Fair, so I tossed on my Italian working class/Campi-style dress. Got out to the fairgrounds, only to find...

An honest-to-goodness VEGETABLE STALL! I think Milord was a little puzzled by why I was so excited, so when we got home, I pulled this up for him.  ;D

Not sure how the farmers market folks felt about me portrait-bombing their booth, but really. The moment was too perfect to pass up!  ;D

Anyone else have Best Photo Ever moments?

Rani Zemirah

Oh, how wonderful!!!  And I definitely agree... there was no way you could have passed that up without at least one or two photos!  Or, you know... a whole photo shoot!!!  ;) 

I'm a bit confused, however... was there a Farmer's Market going on outside the gates of your Faire, or was it inside Faire, itself? 
Rani - Fire Goddess

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Aurum peccamenes multifariam texit
Marquesa de Trives
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Marietta Graziella

The stall was inside the festival! I thought it was a marvelous addition to the event.
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Rani Zemirah

Rani - Fire Goddess

Aut disce... aut discede

Lady Kathleen of Olmsted

So very cool, gem!

Often times I have shown up in garb while out and about like that and people look at me as if I am crazy. Often it is wearing Victorian/Edwardian clothing at the Annual  Women's Expo in October where I mix women's History and Politics together.
"As with Art as in Life, nothing succeeds like excess.".....Oscar Wilde


Hello Gem...... that is sheer perfection...just just skweeeeee
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