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Planning my first costume!

Started by asanderd, August 16, 2017, 06:01:32 PM

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I am planning my very first costume, I have settled on a style. Tavern/Kitchen maiden. Would it be strange to see a common woman with a small dagger strapped to her belt? And what type of coin purse would they wear or carry? I want something that I can carry money, credit card and a phone. Gown, chamise, bodice and skirt aside what are some essentials to make it look finished. I'm planning on getting a pair of skirt hikes, a simple ring belt, a simple tankard and tankard strap. I am also read that hats were lawfully required to be worn by everyone when out in public so I'll get a flat cap. Anything Oh over the years I  have acquired a bottle net, a couple small pairs of horns and a large leather leafy jingle bell that looks like an acorn, can thoe horns and Bells be incorporated or will I just end up looking like a silly weed puller who doesn't know how to build a whole and complete costume? A nice cloak and pair of boots will come later, those aresults big ticket items.


Most paintings I've seen of kitchen maidens had a scarf or coif (rather than a cap) covering their head (as I remember).  I have a leather coin purse I wear around my neck for my cel phone, and I have a smaller cotton bag I keep inside of it for my gold dollar coins (faire tips).  Dagger in the belt?  Some Faires will allow it, some won't.  Check before you go!  Wear what you want!  I'm sure you'll look great, and add to others' enjoyment in the lanes!


It seems to me that you're not necessarily going for historical accuracy; looking at paintings of the period will give an excellent idea as to commonly used colors, styles, etc. Looking at pictures people have posted of the visitors to the faire you're attending will give an idea of the sort of "extras" that show up on garb. Check out the "book of Faces" for your faire, and look through all of the crowd pictures. And then verifying on the website what sorts of rules exist for something like a dagger will likely save you a lot of time and worry. Have a great time!

Lady Renee Buchanan

I strap 2 leather pouches to my belt to hold my wallet, glasses, tissues,phone, etc.  another option is to carry a wicker basket.  It depend on how much stuff you need and if you want to carry a basket all day.  If you choose a basket, cover it with a scarf or a piece of fabric so the contents are hidden.
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Yes!  Thank you, Lady Renee!  A basket.  They can be quite inexpensive.  You can even tie the smaller bags to the basket, then cover everything with a cloth, just like Lady Renee said.  Good suggestion!