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Moresca mega dress alternatives

Started by Shmeldon13, April 21, 2017, 04:27:03 PM

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Looking for some advice and opinions, I recently purchased a jerkin from moresca with the plans on getting one of their mega dresses in the same patter for my girlfriend. We got the jerkin at their spring open house and they did not have the right size dress in stock so we were told to call the next day in order to order the dress. After being told that, we called and were informed that they do not take special orders and we would need to wait till they make more. This would be fine but they could not give us any idea of when they would be available again. We tried calling again today to see if we could get anymore information or even an estimate on when they'd be making more, even offered to pay a deposit on it, but was told that we are on a wishlist and that's the best they can do. Then the proceeded to tell us that we may not even be able to get it this season. As much as my girlfriend loves the dress at this point we are starting to consider looking at other options. If anyone has any suggestions of options similar to morescas mega dress we would be very grateful! Thanks!


Not sure if this is up her alley, but I found these dresses while looking for similar in Etsy:
They have lots of complimentary reviews, I myself am looking at a few of their faeries dresses and that's not usually my thing. I'm a former SCAdian and the "period" habit is hard to break ;)
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