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Shoes to wear with outfit?


Hello! I'm attending the Maryland Renaissance Fair next weekend, and I have made myself a bodice to wear over a chemise and skirt, but I realized I don't know what shoes I should wear! My outfit is not really historically accurate, but it'll be thrown off if I wear shoes that are outrageously modern. I have a pair of faux leather flats that might be the most appropriate, but if anyone has any suggestions I will greatly appreciate it! I would prefer not to spend much money!

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Mary Janes in a dark color will be fine, or if you have boots with low heels, wear them.  You will be on your feet walking for a long time, probably on pebbles, stones, and tree roots, so you need to be comfortable or you will get blisters and/or ache.  No one has fun with sore feet. 

When you get to the faire, take a look at the foot ware vendors.  Not saying you have to buy them at the moment, because they usually are rather expensive, but if you plan to go a lot, it is worth it to save up for a good pair of shoes.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Also, in this Garbing section, at the top, there is a thread about footware for women.  I suggest reading that before future trips to the faire.  Very good suggestions from members.

Thanks! I'll probably go for some boots I have.

 I did go through the footwear for women thread but it was largely links to purchase period footwear, which I don't want to invest in at this point :)


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