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Missing acts at Scarborough for the 2018 season


Anyone hearing there are some major acts that will not be at Scarborough in 2018. I'm not going to say what I have been told but just wondering if anyone else is hearing rumors?

Merlin the Elder:
There's some scuttlebutt going around. Since I know that contracts don't get finalized until January or so, it's hard to say what is true and what isn't. There are a lot of playtrons whining about possible changes, some saying they won't go back. I don't think I'll miss them (the whiners), if they want to be that petty.

Sir Martin:
I don't see Cast In Bronze on the 2018 schedule.  Anyone know what happened?  CIB is still listed for Arizona, Colorado, TRF, and Pittsburgh Ren Fests.

I hear they have a new Royal Court, but that was bound to happen sooner or later.  What other acts are not at Scarby this year? 

Donna Lorraine:
Cast In Bronze. The bells were on loan and he had  run his course so last year was the final year and the bells went into a museum.

Merlin the Elder:
There were two Cast in Bronze touring. The one that we've had at Scarborough the past few years, Cyrus Rua behind the mask, was using a carillon that was on loan. That carillon was recalled by the owner to return to a museum.


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