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Kilts & Skirts For Women | Who says kilts are just for the boys?

Started by kiltguide, August 26, 2019, 02:08:19 AM

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Over the years, the Scottish kilt has continued to evolve like any other piece of fashion, reaching past its original barriers that left it only for men, finally branching out into the world of women's fashion as well. And, because of its rich history in Scottish culture, women who are proud of their heritage should be able to show it off with just as much style and pride as their male counterparts, and at Scottish Kilt Shop, you can do just that.

Scottish Kilt Shop specializes in providing high-quality women's kilts & Tartan Skirts that are so diverse in nature that they can be worn for any occasion. For women who are always active and working, utility kilts provide a way to do so comfortably and with plenty of pockets on top of it. Those who want to go more traditional and wear Scottish tartan instead have the option of tartan kilts to choose from, while hybrid kilts combine the best of both worlds and allow you to enjoy tartan patterns and pockets at once. Kilt-wearing women can also take things a step further into the modern era of fashion and wear stylish denim kilts, leather kilts and tactical kilts.

No matter which sort of kilt you are after, Scottish Kilt Shop makes each one when you order it. By sending in your hip and waist measurements as well as preferred kilt and fell measurements, you can be sure that your premium kilt will fit perfectly straight out of the box.