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Family Tree help? McCord.


Baron Doune:
Yes could use a little help.

Margaret Stuart born is Scotland married James McCord born in Country Antrim, Ireland.

2nd generation...

Born in Greenville, PA.
Wife unk.
James McCord
Sarah McCord
Jane McCord
John McCord.

3rd generation...
Allen McCord born Feb 1, 1811 in Greenville, PA died Mar 9, 1885 in Paradise Twp, IA.
Married to Nancy Hexlep nov 7, 1839, daughter of Samuel Heslep and Elizabeth Houstin.  She was born Jan 15, 1809 in Mercer Co, Pa and Died Jan 19, 1992 in Paradise Twp, IA. 7 kids.

I'm trying to go backward...

Any help?

you could always ask me...i do do this stuff as a hobby silly.. if thats the kind of help your looking for. :)

I can do a census check for you if you'd like?

Baron Doune:
Not quite ready yet....

Just not enough time...

I  really need to put together the facts on this.

But McCord is the key.

I promise that after my second scotch tonight I will pick up the big book again.

It seems I'm stuck in PA.


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