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Fairy doors?

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I had a request to do a little project in the form of a fairy door since someone has been installing them in places around Nordeast Minneapolis. Since it’s going on a lodge building I thought it should be a door for Mouse Masons…

Toua Taru:
Aww so cute! I think the Mason Mice will love it  ;D

That is adorable! Fabulous job!

Oh, that is really cute, I've never seen anything like that before... What are the exact dimensions?

Overall it's about 7 inches tall so I think a little bigger than some. Inspired by this:

There are also some that have been install on the bases of trees in local parks by other people. Just for fun I'm going to put a couple in our yard come spring.

The Masonic lodge where this is going is talking about officially installing it this spring as part of a meeting where the Grand Master of the state is going to be visiting.


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