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Prayers for a better year in 2018


Lord Clisto of York:
The last three years have been terrible. I lost my Father around Christmas in 2015, lost my mother around Christmas in 2016, just lost my mother in law a few weeks ago just before Christmas 2017 and lost an Uncle just a week ago just after Christmas 2017. I hope this all will stop for a very long time. Our family has been through much of late. Thank you

Toua Taru:
 :'( My condolences. I will light a few candles for you tonight and say a prayer

Merlin the Elder:
My condolences as well, Lord Clisto. I'm at that age where it is to be expected, and am now in the oldest generation of my clan.  Keep good memories of those who are no longer on this plane, and peace be with you.


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