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New "Lakes Area Renfest" north of the Twin cities?

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Oh no, looks like I'm late... Did you attend? Was it good?

I had other commitments, I've heard mixed reviews about it. Sounds like it was pretty tiny.

Looks like it will be back for a second year

Unfortunately second day of the (renamed) Lakes Area Royale Faire was cancelled this morning due to rain making the site unsafe.

They've announced that they are taking this year off.

To all of our loyal Patrons and Participants,

--- Quote ---It is with great regret that we announce that our LARF 2020 event will not take place this year. In an effort to bring you the best Faire possible, we are taking this year to restructure and reorganize how we bring you a premier event.

It is with great hope and excitement that we tell you that we DO plan to have an outstanding and well-planned event for all in 2021. Watch our web page for official updates as we have great things in mind!


LARF Board of Directors
--- End quote ---

But I got an Email from one of the original people who resigned from LARF and says she's trying to do an event this year anyway...


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