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Any one else go to this faire?

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Lady Annue Brandywine:
I went to this faire last year. I have only been to 2 faires before NY and a small one in Cairo the whole thing is new to me. They have all been fun and we have been having a really good time. We (Husband, and Daughter7) went on to the Conn faire opening day last year and had a great time. The weather in late September was wonderful, perfect for wearing garb.  I was wondering if anyone else has been to this faire or is planning on going.

Why yes, my Lady of Brandywine, the Connecticut Ren Faire is my home faire.  I was there, as a Faire volunteer at the front gate on opening day last year, and its likely we saw each other.  'Twas my duty to peace tie all weapons carried by patrons, and I was especially vigilant for bodice daggers.  Had to tie down a few, too.  If your daughter participated in the Children's Court, she likely met my daughter, who was working there.  We both intend to volunteer there again this year, and I hope to see you.  Wear your RF pin!

I hope to go this year. I wanted to audition, but after calling, the guy never called me back. Oh well, there's always next year right. Right now I am in touch with them though about possibly helping with costumes and that could be alot of fun. Who knows?

We just got back from Sterling and are looking into attending this faire.  It will be the third fair for us and the second in garb.  Living in CT I can't believe I never knew about it. 
I am looking forward to going.   :)

We hope to make this faire for the first time this year..if finances allow!  I see that  Blackenshear, The Curious Magician will be there and I highly recommend his show. LF


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