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Has anyone ever been at Sherwood during a Thunderstorm? Do they close or delay things if there is lightning close by? Do they have anywhere to really hunker down if lightning gets crazy?

Having been working Sherwood for 5 or 6 years now, we have had a few weekends of wonky, odd or downright scary weather roll in. Depending on where you are on the grounds, you can go up to the Great Hall at the top of the hill, to the right of the castle. If you are down the hill, head to the bathrooms by the front gate, big green building by the pub. I spend an hour to an hour and a half in the men’s room last season when a storm rolled in no one knew about.

The management and higher powers keep an eye on the weather as best as one can with the sketchy internet. Any other questions ask the crew in the florescent shirts, they are the operations crew and are always on top of things.

mpullen, for Mike Pullen, works out there and is a mover and a shaker and he is on the forums as well. If he knows of anything he is good about getting the word out.


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