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First Time to FRF!


I'm heading down to Florida for my first visit to the Florida Renaissance Festival! Long time playtron, first time to FRF - anything in particular I should catch?

Take Care,

I'm jealous. I hope to make it down there someday. Safe travels.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
If you like music, this faire has the most music in any faire we've been to, and they are major acts!  The end pub sing is great, as well as the individual acts.  We went the end of February last year, and it was hot!  So dress for it.  And bring lots of singles.  Every time you use the restroom, before you even enter into the room, there is a tip basket with an attendant.  She keeps the room tidied and supplied and works on tips.  We saw her a lot over the 2 days, because we kept drinking water hydrate.  So bring enough dollars for tips!

Toua Taru:
Long time FLaRF-goer here. I'm sorry I'm seeing your post too late.  :-[ I do hope you enjoyed your visit to both Florida and faire  :D


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