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So thinking about returning to SRF for the first time since I was a wee lad up in Oklahoma. Definitely appreciate some advice. Thinking about flying down from NYC for Memorial Day weekend, and doing a full Saturday and Sunday at the Festival.

What is the best hotel in Waxahachie for Scarbites? Any to avoid? I was inclined to just do the Executive Inn (or Motel 6), based purely on proximity. Any problem getting cabs or Ubers to and from the SRF from the hotel? How bad is traffic?

Anything fun go on post-SRF in the evening?

Did Florida Renaissance Festival on Saturday, can't wait to put on the tights again.


Merlin the Elder:
If you stay till closing, traffic can be nuts. If there's a wreck, it will be worse.

We're partial to the Hampton Inn, primarily because we use their perk club. Comfort Suites is nice, too. Lots of folks use the Motel 6.

No clue on the Uber situation.

If history repeats itself, it will likely be hotter than blue blazes that weekend. Heavy on the water and light on the beer and spirits.

After parties depend on who you're with, but I think the Motel 6 crowd tends to party. So many of the R/F Scarbites have left the forum, I don't know anymore.

Thanks Merlin! My buddy and I went ahead and booked for Memorial Day weekend. Hampton Inn was full, but got in the Comfort Inn. I am a bit worried about the weather, will definitely have to dress down. Is there plenty of shade? Giant fans like TRF? Very excited. I'll actually be taking family to the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival at Muskogee Castle a couple weeks before, so I'll get a taste of the weather then.


Hello, Eric; I'm hoping to be at the Castle the weekend of May 19/20. If that's your weekend, and you happen to see a matronly type and then suddenly you wonder if you returned your library books, that may be me ;)
Safe travels!
Nancy ;)

Merlin the Elder:
Well, Luv! May have to bring the Bride up to see you at Castleton! It's been too long.

Eric, Texas (and Oklahoma) weather varies from hell to breakfast. A few years back, it snowed for Scarbie's opening. The following week was even coder, according to reports I heard.  We went the third weekend, and it was upper 80s.

One Memorial Day weekend we did, it was 100+ the entire weekend, and a mid-may trip another year, it was chilly.  My only point is, be prepared.


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