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I thought it was forever


Jay Byrd:
I thought it was forever, Always meant to be,
But like most other things fair, now you are just a memory
Fond and lovely, radiant and bright, a treasure from the start,
The seas they roiled, the winds they blew, the tempest tore us apart,
My side, your side, neither helped, hindrances actually,
Do they stand and see our sorrow and look upon it with glee
I gave all I could, t'was not enough, my frailties shown right through
You needed someone with more than I had, and you should have your due,
I care for you, I'll do for you, But alas "WE" can no more be,
Our love was dashed upon the reef, like a ship,
 in storm at sea,

I thought it was forever,

Always meant to be...


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