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Help with maternity garb

Started by SabrinaJ89, March 31, 2013, 06:26:43 PM

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I'm planning on going to my local Ren Faire this year but I will 37 weeks at the point. I have an outfit from last year but I have feeling that an underbust bodice just won't do! If anyone has any advice on what to wear it would be greatly appriciated!


Been there, done that! :) With my second daughter I wore a noble gown that was too large but I took in the back so that it fit nicely over my belly. With my third daughter I wore fairy garb- I had a strapless, empire waist, short dress and I fairy-ized it. Also, I made "maternity" garb that I loosely based on the "Welcome gown" worn by Angelica Houston in Everafter. I had a long chemise and my gown closed near the empire waist with one button. Now I wear that gown over my other garb- like a surcoat.  All of my maternity wear was super comfy. I'll try to post pics tomorrow when I'm on my computer and not my phone.
Options to use why you currently have- a skirt pulled up over the belly and your bodice loosely laced. How are you carrying- high, low, mid? That'll make a difference, too, in your options for your current garb.
Amanda  =D

"Do not call for your mother.  Who is it that you think let the demons in to eat you up?"


Do you want to go noble or peasant?   For the nobles, they wore what looks like a front opening gown to us but with a stomacher in the front so they could lace loosely over the stomach area but tightly across the breast.  (ie, keep everything wear it should be!)

For the peasants, they seem to have simply covered up the lack of lacing across the stomach with an apron.

You may want to go with an Italian style gown - the waistline is high on both the early and late 16th Century styles.   This will allow you to wear the gown even after the little darling can be put in garb too!  ;-)


Well I think I'm going more peasant, I'm still fairly new to the whole Ren Faire thing, I went several times last year and have a costume. I have an underbust bodice that's reversible one sides a cream color the others black, a white skirt and light blue over skirt and then a blue top for underneath the bodice. I'm still early so I'm not sure how high/low I will be carrying. My boyfriend is planning on working there this summer and he has more of a peasant outfit I'm going to try and match him so noble is probably not an option. I'd like to be able to use some of the pieces I still have but I'm not opposed to buying/making something new either.


This style would probably work for you.  It's easy to accessorize.  You can always add tie on sleeves or wear a lovely cloak if it gets cold.  Also, it's good even after pregnancy. 


Oh, you TOTALLY deserve something new! (What, you didn't think we WOULDN'T enable you, didja?  ;D)

The dress Isabella posted is really pretty. I also saw this on etsy yesterday, which looks to be completely open up the sides, which would give you a ton of flexibility with the fit: Side-Lacing Italian Gown.

When my very pregnant friend came to visit (6 or 7 mos, IIRC), I brought her my box of loaner garb, and she put together this simple ensemble. She looked great, but more important was COMFORTABLE on the hideously hot day:

Just the most basic peasant blouse and elastic-waist skirt, topped with this weird stretch velvet sash/belt thing I had. A hip scarf would work nicely, too.

Have fun!!


Ok, here is my more "noble" look (please excuse the hilarious "French Hood" in the second pic...

As you can see, in the first pic (from June 09) I wasn't terribly big but in the second pic (Sept 09) I was much larger (I had her a week or two after that pic was taken.)
Amanda  =D

"Do not call for your mother.  Who is it that you think let the demons in to eat you up?"


This one was from closing day 2007- I had my second daughter about a week after this was taken.

Again- it is a more noble look and this is the gown that was too large but I took it in in the back so that it was fitted to show off my belly.
Amanda  =D

"Do not call for your mother.  Who is it that you think let the demons in to eat you up?"


I made a really nice Italian garb. Empire waist bodice that fit with my bigger bust.  As I made the sleeve out of sleer fabric it helped keep me cool.  The skirt, though lined, was light and easily fit.  To be honest, no one knew I was expecting until I showed up at the next fair with my daughter.  :D
My second outfit was a tudor chemise (non gathered neck line), but gores under the arms to accommodate bust.  Because it was so loose it fit fine.  I used a 12 inch wide side sash under my bust and over my tummy a bit to help support 'the girls'. My big thing was making sure my feet were comfy.  If it meant I had to break accuracy and wear my tennis shoes, I would, but thankfully my Ren sandles could take my insoles.
It is kind of strange watching your personal history become costume.


I'm looking for a pattern to make for maternity garb, if not i'll have to pay an arm and a leg to buy one.


Quote from: JadeArwen on March 02, 2018, 08:43:41 PM
I'm looking for a pattern to make for maternity garb, if not i'll have to pay an arm and a leg to buy one.

Hi Jade! I joined this forum last year specifically to search for ideas for maternity Garb. I considered Simplicity 8192 but I eventually used Simplicity 8735 as the basis for an overdress that I wore over a long shift/chemise. I made it side lacing so the overdress essentially had both sides wide open, though the fullness of the skirts helped to hide that. It helped keep me a bit cooler. Was it "period?" Heck no! But I like to have creative license with my Ren Garb ;) The overdress was made with brocade from a decorative pillow case & cotton from a duvet cover. I'll try to come back and post a photo (if I can figure out how...)