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Help figuring out some 16th century clothes and fabrics


Hi there. This post may not be an usual one and I am sorry I am somehow breaking the rules. If so please feel free to delete, edit etc this post.

I am a CG artist and I need to recreate some 16th century clothes from this painting. The clothes need to look fairly realistic.

However, the fabrics do not look like anything I am used to.

After doing some research I figured out the sleeves must be satin. The stiff look is due to padding. Does that sound correct?

The main problem is the vest/jerkin he is wearing. I cannot find a real life example that looks anything like it. What is it made of in your opinion? My best guess is leather or velvet.
I'd appreciate any help especially concerning the vest/jerkin.

Once again sorry if I am misusing this forum.  :-[

Merlin the Elder:
We don't have as many folks here as we used to, but there are some very knowledgeable people.  Member Lady Kathleen of Olmsted would likely be of some help.

I wouldn't consider you misusing the forum. It has proven in the past to be  a great source of information.

Thank you, Merlin. That's reassuring.
Yeah, forums are not what they used to be... :)


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